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FreeSpace Open Source Code Project

Open Source Starfighter Simulator Engine

FreeSpace 2

Starfighter Simulator Engine - C++

2021 - Ongoing

FreeSpace 2 is a game released by Volition in 1999 and Open Sourced in 2002. Since then, a community of fans has kept the game and its engine up to date with modern standards and features by contributing to the Open Source code.

My C++ contributions to the engine include expanding the Lua Scripting framework, improving UI and HUD drawing functions, and adding input customization features for players.

Additionally, I have developed Lua scripts that modders can use in the game's engine to add new features, such as a minimap and a third-person targeting reticle.

Community Homepage
Project's Github
My contributions


Augmented Reality App


Augmented Reality App - Unity3D


Glimpsy is a social Augmented Reality and Geolocation-based app for Android and iOS, developed with Unity3D. In it, users place their virtual selves at interesting locations throughout the world, where they may share commentary and information about their experiences.

I was responsible for many facets of the app's development, including programming the UI systems, mini-games, a dynamic 3D avatar customization system, and the translation/localization system.

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Educational Game


Educational Game - BabylonJS/HTML5


Robolucha is an educational gaming platform where students learn to code by playing. They create code with blocks and a virtual robot follows their instructions to solve problems and to compete with other robots in virtual arenas.

I used TypeScript with the BabylonJS engine to develop UI elements such as the health bars, game logic such as collision detection, as well as a custom map system, which allowed the game designer to quickly prototype new maps. In the backend, GoLang and Java were used to manage "rooms" for multiplayer matches and online singleplayer tutorials with progression tracking.

Robolucha on Instagram

Hyperspace Attack

3D Space Shooter

Hyperspace Attack

3D Space Shooter - Unity3D

2020 - Ongoing

Hyperspace Attack is my current personal project, inspired mainly by the Star Fox series. The player has to avoid obstacles and shoot targets in an infinte runner-esque setup.

It uses Unity's new Input System and is designed from the ground-up to be easily moddable once it's released.

Awakening of Phaidros

MMORPG Prototype

Awakening of Phaidros

MMORPG Prototype - Unity3D


Awakening of Phaidros was developed in Unity3D with MySQL, as a study project for the Game Development Associate Course at IFRJ.

I was the programming team coordinator, responsible for assigning tasks to the team, managing their work and our Git repository, as well as working together with the art and game design team coordinators to ensure a quality product.

Gameplay Video
(Portuguese) IFRJ news post about the project.
(Portuguese) Devlog

A Ordem dos Dragões

Study Project

A Ordem dos Dragões

Study Project - Unity3D


A beat 'em up with a simple "skill" system. Skills are obtained at random as the player defeats enemies, and are consumed on use.

I was one of two programmers, in a team of 4 people. I worked on the spawning logic as well as some of the skill systems

Virtual Vision

Game Jam Project

Virtual Vision

Global Game Jam Project - Unity3D


Virtual Vision is a scifi platformer puzzle game where the player uses a beam to alter gravity, shrink objects, and affect the environment around them. It was developed for Global Game Jam 2014 in a team of 3.

Project page on Global Game Jam


Promotional Game


Promotional Game - Unity3D


VacaMaia is a short "Time Challenge" platformer game, developed in Unity3D by Vaca Vitória Software for the "Joga Brasil" event. The player is supposed to collect 10 coins before the timer runs out.

I was the main gameplay programmer in a small team.

Gameplay Video

Red, the Dragon

2D Shoot 'em up

Red, the Dragon

Shoot 'em up - XNA


I developed Red, The Dragon with Microsoft XNA (now known as Monogame) in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare competition themed on "Escape". The player controls a green dragon named Red to evade or shoot down the enemy projectiles, eventually fighting a "final boss".

Project Page on Ludum Dare

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